What are Wallables?

Wallables are plush and flexible.allables are 3-dimensional sculpted wall décor products made out of soft and ‘eco-friendly’ polyurethane foam made from US grown soybeans. They attach to any flat surface with our easy on, easy off Velcro® patch, allowing  Wallables™ to be removed and repositioned. Wallables are safe and have passed both the ASTM and CE toy safety standards. Wallables are interactive, they teach the alphabet and glow in the dark making them very inviting for small hands to touch, feel and experience.

See Wallables in Action!

Wallables are light and stick easily to a surface with Velcro® patches.
Easy to Apply

Wallables stick and re-stick easily to any flat surface with Velcro® patches. This allows for innovative placement and creativity, such as bathroom walls, mirrors, refrigerators, and ceilings.

Light weight

Wallables are lightweight, soft and durable and pose no danger to children. Passing the strongest of World Toy Standards such as ASTM and CE, parents can feel confident about the safety of their children interacting with Wallables.

Wallables As a Way to Learn

Wallables are visually appealing wall décor with many interactive and stimulating sensory features! Wallables are more than decoration they also provide visual stimulation and encourage babies to interact and learn cause and effect.

Stimulates Visual System

Wallables have soft colors and glow in the dark features which create a soft light near a child’s bed which slowly fades as the child drifts to sleep. Also the 3D nature of Wallables is exciting to a child as it stimulates reaching out and touching their environment.

Wallables are plush and flexible.

Tactile (touch)

Wallables are made with ‘eco-friendly’ soy-based specialty foam that is bendable and soft. Surfaces of Wallables have different textures which encourage exploration and tactile discrimination.

Dotty the Dragonfly
Dotty the Dragonfly

Wallables are more than simple wall décor. They stimulate and decorate. Also, they are environmentally friendly. So when you add them to your children’s bedroom environment, you are also protecting their future environment.