WallablesWinner of the 2010 Creative Child Magazine 'Top Choice Award'

New Lower PriceDecorate your child’s room with the next generation of wall décor, 3D! Just like the movies, wall décor is going three dimensional with Wallables 3D Wall décor made out of soft, safe and lightweight foam. Our revolutionary FOAM material is made from US grown soybeans so it is eco-friendly. Wallables attach to any flat surface with a Velcro patch and kids love putting their characters up and taking them down to play with over and over again. Children’s wall décor will never be the same, add some depth to your wall decorations with Wallables wide range of licensed and private label characters. Wallables are extremely safe and have passed both ASTM and CE toy safety standards so parents can rest assured with Wallables on their wall. Educate and decorate with Wallables 3D Wall décor.

Bonus Decals

Our Disney collection includes characters from Toy Story, Cars as well as the much loved Princesses and Fairies characters. We are always creating new styles so check back often or register and we will send you new product updates.

Easy to install in any kid's room

Wallables 3D wall décor sticks to the wall with a Velcro patch. This means you can decorate your child's room in a jiff, just peel the paper off of the Velcro and attach it to the wall. Presto, your child's room is decorated with the newest type of decoration and goes well with any other wall decals or stickers that you might already have. Wallables can also be repositioned so your child can play with the character and then put it right back up on the wall. Woody and Buzz can be roommates keeping your child company. Easy to use, fun to play with, the next generation of wall décor, Wallables.

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Toy Safety

Wallables 3D wall décor are very safe. This is one of the few wall decorations that has passed the ASTM and CE toy safety tests. Wallables are also lead, Phthalate and Bisphenol-A Free, so your child can feel free to take down their Wallables, play with them and put them back up on the wall. We imagine Wallables to be a toy and a friend to your child so we make sure they are safe to play with over and over again. Age graded for 3+ years old.

Disney Pixar Cars Disney Pixar Toy Story Disney Pixar Princesses Disney Pixar Fairies
Winnie the Pooh Jungle Sweeties Soft Smiles Talking Alphabet Letters


TigerLearning with Wallables

The first wall decoration to be sculpted in 3-D! Not only are Wallables 3D wall décor fun to look at but they are fun to play with, providing visual and tactile stimulation due to their unique material and 3 dimensional shape. Your little princess can take Cinderella off her wall and have tea with her and the other Disney princesses just like roommates and then put her right back up alongside her castle wall decals and stickers.

New and Unique

Wallables 3D wall decorations are the next new thing in children's room decoration. Designed to be played with as a toy, Wallables coordinate with many room decal, sticker and press-on sets to create a magical environment for your child. Make your childs environment special for them, and bring their world to the next dimension. Now that movies are going 3D, you can make their rooms go 3D too!